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Who We Are

Founded in 1986, Shawton Engineering has established a reputation for excellence in the fabrication of structural steelwork, architectural metalwork and specialist stainless steel pressure vessels, and much more

About Shawton Engineering

Founded in 1986 Shawton Engineering have established a reputation for excellence in the design & fabrication of structural steelwork, stadia, architectural metalwork, feature stairs and structures for the nuclear and pharmaceutical industries. Over recent years Shawton have undertaken diverse projects, such as refurbishments of existing listed buildings to the most stringent schemes such as cantilevered feature stairs & football stadia. This experience, together with the ‘can do’ attitude and commitment to timely project completion by its management and workforce has enabled the Company to participate in some of the most challenging constructional work within the UK.

In an industry where structures are required to withstand years of uninterrupted service in the most challenging and harshest of environments, designers are continually looking towards sustainability & efficiency to overcome their particular problems. Once the designer has established their needs, Shawton Engineering brings its’ specialist engineering skills to bear to fulfil these needs. The combination of a skilled and flexible workforce, together with a detailed knowledge of fabrication techniques enables Shawton to provide cost effective and high quality manufacturing solutions to complement the designers’ aspirations.

More recently Shawton have grown a passion for ‘Design for Manufacture and Assembly’ (DfMA). Driven by our investment and development this approach has been widely recognised. Through early engagement in the design process, our revolutionary DfMA approach allows us to address construction and engineering challenges before work begins on site – instilling confidence in methodologies, programme and budget. Demanding safer, more cost-effective and sustainable solutions – delivered faster and to a higher quality.

As pioneers of ‘offsite steel fabrication’ we have driven this concept far beyond its earliest iteration. Today we are delivering an extensive range of modular & prefabricated solutions through our sophisticated manufacturing capabilities. These products range from pre-fabricated; frames, balconies, lift shafts, shelters, canopies & stairs – all provided to a cost, time and specification with which traditional construction processes cannot compete.


Shawton Engineering ate committed to continuous improvement and innovation and are one of the leading fabricators in the UK for Bespoke Structural Steelwork and Architectural Metalwork.

Working with our clients collaboratively we take their designs and architectural intents and make them a reality using our experience and vast technical knowledge ensuring that together we deliver exceptional and high quality projects.

We also have Research and Development capability which allows us to modify, test and carry out product development to ensure that our products meet our clients requirements. 


Shawton Engineering have BIM Level 2 capability and ensure our works are Designed for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA). 

Where feasible and site constraints allow we ensure our designs allow for offsite construction and modularisation through  innovative building techniques that are safer, cleaner and more efficient, and which minimise disruption, guarantee quality and cost, and save time.   

Our commitment to you

Shawton Engineering offers a 12 year warranty on all our products where applicable (terms and conditions apply).   We are able to this because;

– we only use the best quality materials from carefully chosen and monitored suppliers and sub-contractors

– we are a family business with a directly employed workforce who takes pride in our work

– we have over 30 years of experience

– we can provide design and value engineering advice as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation

– we are commitment to putting our customers at the heart of everything we do

we carry £10m Professional Indemnity cover (each and every)